About Us
Living Water is a group of people numbering just over 300 who have joined together to grow in our faith and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Some of us are lifelong Christians while others have just started to get to know God and the good news of forgiveness. Most of us live with in a 15 mile radius of Living Water, but not all of us grew up in the area. We have many transplants who now call this home. While our occupations, backgrounds, family situations, and stages of life are quite diverse, it is our common faith in God that binds us into a family of believers. Our goal is to grow closer to God and strengthen our relationships with each other so we can be stronger to face all the challenges of life.
All of us face the same challenges in life. We get angry. We grow jealous. Pride and envy get the best of us. We find ourselves being far less than what we would like to be, and far less than what God desires. 

By ourselves, or even together in a group, no matter what we do we can never fully correct the situations of our lives. However, there is an answer to all our problems. JESUS CHRIST. 

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became a man to live a perfect life for all people. Jesus offered his perfect life as a complete payment for the failures (sins) of all people. And as Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, God has accepted all that Jesus has done for us. 

In Christ Jesus all our failings (sins) have been taken away from us and we now stand before God absolutely perfect. 

We believe that it is Jesus Christ and him alone that allows us to be acceptable to the Lord, and that everything good we do now is our way of saying thank you to the Lord. 

For a more complete details of what we believe, you can find a copy of our offical doctrinal staments here
Living Water – Growing Relationships to God and One Another
Our main goal as a church is to connect people to God. We are here to meet you wherever you are in your walk of faith. Everybody is in a different place in their relationship with God. Growing each person's relationship to God using his word is our mission. Sharing God message of love and forgiveness tops the lists of thing you can anticipate when you come to Living Water. Bring your questions, and we will point you to the answers God gives in the Bible.

Once you have made a connection to God, our next goal is to make that connection stronger. Our connection to God grows as we spend time getting to know him better through his word. We do not want to just introduce people to God. We want people to really know who he is, how much he loves them, and all that can and does to for all of us on a daily basis. The more time we spend in the his word in worship and Bible study the more we can strengthen our relationship to him.

As a congregation we also want to connect people to other people. Living Water has a friendly atmosphere where people can get to know one another. Before and after church, there is time to meet and talk with others. We encourage our members to branch out and meet new people. We want everyone to feel like they are part of our family or at least like they are a very welcomed guest. 

Strengthening our connection to other people happens as we spend time together in social gathers and ministry activities. When people work together to achieve a goal, they cannot help but become closer to one another. Those bonds of friendship and Christian fellowship are strengthened the more we spend time getting to know each other and getting to know others.

MISSION: To provide a refuge from sin where people can be refreshed and renewed with the word of God so that they are ready to live for the Lord and reach out to others