25th Anniversary

On September 14, 1997, the Wind Lake Exploratory Mission held her first worship service.

This exploratory mission was later named “Living Water Ev. Lutheran Church.”

September 14, 2022 will mark 25 years since that first service.

We will be celebrating the blessings that God has given to and through Living Water over the course of these years.
Many different ways that you can be part of our celebration are below.

To God alone be the glory!

Sunday, August 28

Worship Service

A special festive worship service will be held at 9:00 am at Living Water. Holy Communion will be celebrated in this service.

Site Committee Presentation

All are invited to a presentation by Mr. Paul Barribeau of Groth Design Services. This presentation will happen at church between the worship service on Sunday, August 28 and the picnic meal at Meyer Park. Mr. Barribeau will outline the plans that he, as he worked with the Site Committee, has developed for us. The presentation should last approximately one hour. There will be a short Q&A during the presentation, and there will be more opportunities on other dates for you to ask questions and offer feedback to the Site Committee.

Fellowship Meal & Picnic

Following the worship service and Site Committee presentation, there will be a fellowship meal and church picnic. This will be held at Meyer Park. To help us plan for the picnic, please RSVP on the bulletin board in the gathering space at church, email church@livingwaterlutheran.com or call 262-875-3700.

Meats will be provided at the meal. We are asking members to bring side dishes and desserts. A sign-up sheet for this is also on the bulletin board in the gathering space at church.

Documenting Our History

As we approach this milestone in our congregation’s history, we are working on documenting the ways that God has blessed us over the years.
Picture Request

We need your photos! We are looking to expand our photo archive of events at Living Water. If you have pictures from past events, consider lending them to the office.
We are especially looking for pictures of confirmation classes.
Any printed photos will be returned. Please include your name, the date of the photo (if known), and any details about the photo or the event. 
If you have digital files, those are also welcome! Please contact Janeen Roska to find the easiest way to share your digital photos. 
Video Recordings

We are looking for members to share their memories of Living Water from years past. What is a favorite memory from when you were a new member?
How have you seen Living Water grow and change?
What excites you about the future at Living Water?
Consider sharing your perspective in a video recording.
Sign-up information coming soon!
New Pictorial Directory

Initial planning is underway for a new pictorial directory.
We would like to include photos of all of our members.
More information coming soon.