Fifth Sunday in Lent

Sermon Text: Isaiah 43:16-24

Other readings: Luke 20:9-19, Romans 11:11-21


  1. What “new thing” is God foretelling that will make the people forget what their favorite story of rescue, the Exodus was?


  1. It seems impossible that a path could be made through mighty waters (v. 16), and it seems impossible that a stream could happen in a wasteland and desert (v. 19). But God made the impossible happen in the Exodus and the return from Babylonian captivity. How did God also make the impossible happen through the new thing Jesus did during Holy Week?


  1. People talk about finding purpose for their lives. For what purpose(s) does the LORD say he formed us? (v. 21)


  1. Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament rules for sacrifices. Therefore, we don’t have to bring God sacrifices of animals or incense. But what kind of sacrifices can we bring to God, especially in light of Romans 12:1,2?





  1. God says he will make a way in the desert, leading his people back from their coming captivity in Babylon.

Then God will trump that rescue. He will send the Messiah, who will bring the water of life. Today as we tell people how great a deliverer God is, we tell the story of Jesus delivering from sin, death, and the devil. The once-famous Exodus goes to the “back burner.”


  1. Through Jesus’ suffering and death, God forgave all the sins of all people of all time. Nobody could ever make up for even one sin, but Jesus himself died to pay for those sins. Then he did the impossible: he rose from the dead to prove everything is finished!


  1. The LORD formed his chosen people for himself. Our nature rebels at the thought that we do not exist to seek our own goals and interests. Also, we were formed to proclaim the LORD’s praise. Since we have pardon in Christ, our new self gladly adores God and tells others how marvelous he is.


  1. In the widest sense, a sacrifice is something that is aside. We set aside our entire lives – our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions – for service and worship to God.