Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon Series: “The God of Living Water”

Sermon Text: John 4:4-26

Other Readings: Ezekiel 47:1-12 and Revelation 21:5-8


  1. Read John 4:13,14 and Revelation 21:6,7.  “Living water” is for whom?


  1. In what way did Jesus offer the living water to the woman? How does God offer living water to you?


  1. Both John chapter 4 and Revelation chapter 21 talk about “drinking” this living water. How does one “drink” it?


  1. To an outsider, this would have been a surprising and unusual conversation between Jesus and this woman (cf. John 4:27). What are some of the factors that make this such a surprising evangelism conversation?


  1.  This account probably helped inspire our congregation’s name. Based on this text, what do you want our congregation to do and to be known for?




  1. God’s living water is for everyone and anyone! Since everyone and anyone is a sinner, anyone and everyone needs this living water and is offered it by God.


  1. Jesus offered this living water through his words and promises to her. God offered you living water in the same way – through his Word. He offers salvation especially through the gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ. That gospel is found in the Word proclaimed and read and also attached to the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Together, the gospel in Word and Sacraments is called “the means of grace.”


  1. We “drink” it through faith. Through faith, or trust, in Jesus, we take God’s promise of forgiveness and hold onto it.


  1. There was major tension between Jews and Samaritans, culturally and racially. (The Samaritans had Jewish and Gentile blood and worship practices as a result of an exile back in 732 B.C. Read about it in 2 Kings chapter 17.) In addition, it was unusual for a man to talk to a woman he had just met, one-on-one. The fact that she was at the well alone may have also been a tip that she was someone no one else in the town wanted to be around because of her lifestyle. All around, it could have been a very awkward situation, but Jesus overcomes the awkwardness to offer her living water



  1. Answers will vary, but in general may we always be known as a place that offers everyone and anyone God’s salvation as a free gift through a pure proclamation of the gospel!