The Baptism of Our Lord

 Sermon Text: Matthew 3:13-17

 Other Readings: Isaiah 49:1-16 and Acts 16:25-34


  1. If Jesus was sinless (and he was!), then why was he baptized?
  2. Which three special people were present at the baptism of Jesus?
  3. Jesus’ baptism marked the beginning of his public ministry. Our First Lesson from Isaiah 49:1-16 foretold the purpose of Jesus’ ministry. Use those verses to explain what task had been given to Jesus.
  4. What joy can you take away from Jesus’ baptism (Matthew 3:17)?
  5. What joy can you take away from your own baptism (cf. Acts 16:29-34)?


  1. Though Jesus did not have any personal sin, in his role as Savior he was carrying the sins of the world. He had come to be our perfect substitute. He very much desired the promises of God that baptism gives sinners.
  2. The Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) was present at Jesus’ baptism. In the same way, the Holy Trinity was present at our baptisms, as we are baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).
  3. His task was not only to “bring Jacob back to (God) and gather Israel” (i.e., Jewish Christians) but also to be “a light for the Gentiles” (non-Jews) that they might be brought to faith. (See John 10:16.)
  4. We have the joy of knowing that Jesus is the perfect Son of God. Since he is perfect, the Father is pleased with what Jesus has done to save us. We don’t have to look anywhere else for forgiveness of sins, especially not to ourselves.
  5. Your baptism fills you with joy because through it you receive salvation, that is, rescue from sin, death, and hell. You have been given new, the same kind of new life the jailer and his whole household received!