Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

 Sermon Text: Mark 6:30-34

 Other Readings: Numbers 27:12-23 and Hebrews 13:7-8,17-21


  1. The apostles “reported to [Jesus] all they had done and taught” (v. 30). What had they just done and taught? Confer Mark 6:7-13.
  2. How did Jesus show compassion to his disciples in our verses?
  3. How did Jesus show compassion to the crowds who came after him?
  4. In order to show you compassion, what does Jesus do for you through other believers? Confer the First and Second Lessons, referenced above.
  5. Jesus taught the crowds “many things (v. 34). What questions do you have for Jesus? Make a list of at least two and ask your pastor if he could help teach you the answers based on God’s Word.

  1. They taught that people should turn from sin in sorrow and to God for forgiveness in Jesus (i.e., to repent). They also taught the other things which Jesus had taught them. In addition, they drove out demons and healed the sick. This was some mission trip!
  2. He took them away from the crowds so that they might get physical, mental, and spiritual rest with him after the work they had just done.
  3. First of all, he didn’t send them away. Secondly, he took time to lovingly teach them about himself, about his mission of salvation, and about their relationship with their Father in heaven. He did this with the compassion which only he himself has.
  4. Jesus, “the great Shepherd” (Hebrews 13:20) of all Christians, shepherds you through the “under shepherds” whom he appoints in his Church. These pastors take care of parts of God’s flock, just as Moses and Joshua did. These men are the “leaders” referred to in Hebrews chapter 13, the same leaders “who must give an account” (v. 17) to Jesus based on the way they shepherded his flock.
  5. Answers will vary based on personal situations. Use your pastor to help shepherd you to the answers. It’s what you have called him to do!