The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

 Sermon Text: Luke 4:38-44

 Other Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10 and 2 Timothy 3:15-4:5


  1. What the demons were saying about Jesus was true. So, why did Jesus forbid them to speak?
  2. Why do you think Jesus “went to a solitary place” (v. 42)? Confer Luke 9:8 and 11:1.
  3. In one sentence, define what the kingdom of God is.
  4. If Jesus has the power to heal all our diseases, why doesn’t he?
  5. Just as the people in Capernaum asked Jesus to help their sick, say a prayer for a person or people close to you who are sick.

  1. Jesus did not want wicked demons to be his messengers, lest the people get any wrong impressions about who sent Jesus. He “was sent” (v. 43) by his Father and had absolutely nothing to do with the father of lies, aka, the devil.
  2. Jesus probably went out to pray to his Father, as was his custom. That’s an encouragement for us after long and/or chaotic days. We should pray to ask for help, strength, and focus.
  3. The kingdom of God is the gracious way he rules our hearts and souls through Jesus Christ. We also note that he brings this kingdom through the gospel in Word and sacraments.
  4. Above all, God’s will for our lives is that we lead godly lives here on earth and stay strong in the faith. Sometimes, in his gracious and wise will, God gives us suffering so that we can display our faith to others and be drawn even closer to him, awaiting the paradise of heaven.
  5. May God hear and answer your prayer for Jesus’ sake and for the eternal benefit of those you have in mind and heart!